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Carload Express offers a wide array of lumber transfer options for both shippers and receivers alike.  In Pennsylvania, the Westmoreland Rail Freight Terminal, operated by Savage Services, offers a full lumber reload facility with both inside and outside storage. The terminal is strategically located near the interchange of Interstate highways I70 and I76 in New Stanton PA. The Glenwood Transload terminal in Pittsburgh PA is also capable of handling lumber and construction products.  Access to the Eastern Shore of Delaware and Maryland is provided by Wyoming Millworks in Milton, DE.  We also offer a wide range of public delivery tracks for those “do it yourselfer’s” who want to pick up or drop off on your own.  This option is particularly attractive for companies handling crane mats headed for Marcellus Shale usage. Contact our sales and marketing department to find out more.

Carload Express Lumber Distribution Guide

Lumber Reload Facilities

Location Name Services Type Serving RR Car Types Facility Size Storage
Mt. Pleasant PA Savage Services (Westmoreland Rail Freight Terminal) S, T, W Private SWP B, F, CB 50,000 sq ft under roof Inside + Outside
Pittsburgh PA Glenwood Transload S, T Public  AVR B, F, CB 3 acres ground storage outside
Glenshaw PA Kelman Bottles S, W Private AVR B, F, CB Over 80,000 sq ft available Inside + Outside
Washington PA Washington Public Delivery Track T Public Dock AVR B, F NA none
Finleyville PA Finleyville Public Delivery Track T Public Dock AVR B, F NA none
Pittsburgh PA Strip District Public Delivery Track T Public AVR B, F NA none
New Kensington PA New Kensington Public Delivery Track T Public AVR B, F, CB NA none
Connellsville PA Connellsville Public Delivery Track T Public SWP B, F NA none
Milton DE Wyoming Millworks T Private DCR F, CB, B NA Inside + Outside

Key to Chart (Services):

  • W: Warehouse with inside storage
  • T: Transload facility
  • F: Flatcar
  • CB: Centerbeam
  • S: Storage available
  • B: Boxcar