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Why Ship via Carload Express?

Carload Express specializes in providing flexible local service, ensuring you reliable daily delivery of your goods. Due to the economies of scale that rail shipping offers, we are often able to provide freight transportation at a significantly lower cost than other modes. In addition, our multiple connections to class one and regional carriers offer our customers a variety of routing options to get the lowest freight rate possible. Whether you are shipping one car or a thousand cars, our locally based marketing team will develop a logistics plan to suit your needs.

Interested in using rail, but your industry doesn’t have rail siding? Don’t worry! Carload Express, Inc. offers a wide range of transloading and warehousing options that allow you to enjoy the savings that rail allows while still receiving truck delivery to your door step.

Doing Business with us

If you’d like a rate quote for your shipment, please fill out our rate request form and our marketing team will respond with the logistics option that’s right for you.

Michael Filoni
Chief Marketing Officer
Allegheny Valley Railroad & Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad
Cliff Grunstra
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
Delmarva Central Railroad