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Excess Dimensional Shipments

Oversize and overweight shipments are most economically shipped by rail, and avoid many of the difficulties of an oversized truck shipment.  These types of loads can be complex to manage, and require significant prior planning and ongoing coordination during shipment to ensure safe and efficient handling.  Carload Express has moved many such dimensional (also known as “high-and-wide”) loads over the last 25 years, and we are experienced at managing all of the logistics and issues along the way.

We help customers locate suitable loading and unloading sites, and coordinate our efforts with customers, connecting carriers, rigging and haul away trucking companies — whatever it takes to safely and efficiently handle excess dimensional or weight shipments.

If you need to ship very large or heavy loads such as transformers, boilers, turbines, or other large shipments, contact our sales and marketing department to see how we can help!