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Carload Express offers several paper grade, climate controlled, facilities complete with roll-handling capabilities that allow paper shippers to pre-position product in close proximity to their final customers. These clean, modern facilities stand ready to serve you. Contact our sales and marketing department to find out more.


Paper Handling Facilities

Location Name Services Type Serving RR Facility Size
Mt. Pleasant PA Savage Services (Westmoreland Rail Freight Terminal) T, W Private SWP 30,000 sq ft
Glenshaw PA Kelman Bottles S, W Private AVR Over 80,000 sq ft available
Greensburg PA Stone & Company T, W Private SWP 25,000 sq ft
Greensburg PA Catch Up Logistics T, W Private SWP 125,000 sq ft

Key to Chart (Services):

  • W: Warehouse Facility
  • T: Transload facility