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May, 2000

Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad begins serving Westmoreland Rail Freight terminal, outside of New Stanton, Penn., and operated by Savage Safe Handling.

January 1, 2000

Carload Express begins direct management of its subsidiary railroads at the holding company level.

October, 1995

Trimax finances Allegheny Valley Railroad’s acquisition of Conrail’s Valley Cluster in Pittsburgh, PA; Conrail’s first “Conrail Express” franchise.  The name Conrail Express was the brand applied by Conrail’s carload business group to its new shortline franchise model.

June, 1995

Trimax funds the start-up and operation of the Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad, which was competitively selected to operate Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation’s (WCIDC) and Fay-Penn Industrial Development Corporation’s (FPIDC) joint 66-mile railroad in western Pennsylvania.

October, 1994

Trimax funds the Camp Chase Railroad’s acquisition of Conrail’s 14-mile Camp Chase Industrial Track in Columbus, Ohio.

December 16, 1992

Carload Express predecessor Trimax Holdings is founded for the purpose of acquiring, operating and developing shortline railroads. Trimax acquires assets from a previous company that began leasing locomotives in 1984.