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Delmarva Central Selected for 2020 ASLRRA Business Development Award

Harrington, DE (May 4, 2020) – Delmarva Central Railroad Company (DCR) was announced as one of four short line railroads recognized by the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) for outstanding business development activities designed to grow the short line railroad business.  In 2020, ASLRRA had a record number of submissions covering partnerships for new business growth, investment in facilities, and creative growth activities with currently served industries and customers.

“The Business Development Award recognizes the essence of the short line story – working closely with customers to deliver real value, excellent service, and win-win opportunities,” said Chuck Baker, President, ASLRRA.  “This year we had a record number of submissions, a testament to the ingenuity, flexibility and commitment that the short line industry shows again and again.  In a year when Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR) continued to transform the broader rail industry, these small business railroads found new ways to become indispensable partners in connecting their customers to the U.S. and world economies.  Each of the 603 short line railroad operations in the country is unique, and these four award winners demonstrate the best of how short lines grow with their customers.”

DCR was recognized for its accomplishments in developing and opening the Seaford Transload Terminal in Seaford, Del. in 2019.  Discussions with existing customers uncovered that certain liquid ingredients, vital to the manufacture of chicken feed, were being trucked in from beyond the Delmarva Peninsula.  DCR approached the market leaders and partnered with these suppliers to ship railcars of liquid feed ingredients to the eastern shore of Delaware, Maryland, & Virginia for transloading at Seaford.  Significant investments were made to the site to allow for the efficient handling of this new rail traffic that was a 100% conversion from long-haul trucks.  The result has created long-term value for all stakeholders – including the community by taking truck traffic off the road.

 “I am thrilled that DCR has been recognized for its accomplishments and  congratulate everyone involved in making this development happen” said Mark Rosner, President.  “Through the team’s creativity and perseverance, we were able to strengthen the relationship with these key customers by finding creative solutions to meet their logistics needs.  We wish to express special thanks to Chuck Baker and his team as the ASLRRA for their continued work in supporting the  rail industry.”

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About Delmarva Central Railroad

The Delmarva Central Railroad Company (DCR), a subsidiary of Carload Express Inc. (CEI), operates 188 miles of rail line in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.  The lines run from near Porter, Delaware, (south of Wilmington) south to Hallwood, Virginia; and from Harrington, Delaware, to Frankford, Delaware, with branches to Milton and Gravel Hill.  DCR interchanges with both Norfolk Southern and Maryland & Delaware Railroad in several locations on the Delmarva Peninsula.

DCR is managed locally from offices in Harrington, Delaware.  Freight operations are based out of Harrington, Dover, Seaford and Delmar.

About Carload Express

Carload Express Inc. operates four shortline railroads: The Allegheny Valley Railroad (AVR) and Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad (SWP) serving western Pennsylvania; the Ohio Terminal Railway (OHIO) serving the Ohio River Valley bordering Ohio and West Virginia; and the Delmarva Central Railroad (DCR) serving Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia on the Delmarva Peninsula.   The company handled nearly 90,000 shipments last year, equating to roughly 360,000 fewer trucks on local highways, lowering congestion and road maintenance costs, while significantly reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.  The company and its 100+ employees operate 24 hours per day, seven days per week, serving over 100 customers on 344 route miles of track.  For more information, please see: