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Carload Express Recognized for Outstanding Work at Norfolk Southern Annual Shortline Conference

OAKMONT, Pa. (May 18, 2016) — Carload Express announced today that it has received several awards for its marketing work at Norfolk Southern’s 15th annual shortline meeting in Norfolk, Virginia.

The 2016 awards are:

  • Ohio Terminal Railway – 2502 Silver Business Initiative Award
  • Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad – 2502 Silver Business Initiative Award
  • Allegheny Valley Railway – 2502 Platinum Business Initiative Award
  • Ohio Terminal Railway – Chemical Group Marketing Achievement Award

“We credit our employees for this success, as their hard work delivers excellent results. The entire Carload Express team appreciates this recognition. We truly value our outstanding relationship with Norfolk Southern.”

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About Carload Express

Carload Express Inc. operates three shortline railroads: The Allegheny Valley Railroad (AVR) and Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad (SWP) serving western Pennsylvania, and the Ohio Terminal Railway (OHIO) serving the Ohio River Valley bordering Ohio and West Virginia. Our dedicated, locally based management is able to offer timely and flexible service demanded by today’s fast-paced supply chains while offering the inherent economies of scale that rail shipping provides. Our multiple connections to the North American rail system allow our customers to enjoy competitive freight routing options, lowering their overall shipping costs.

Carload Express Inc. plays an important role in the communities we serve by transporting many of the basic goods used in everyday life, such as: the paper we read; the food we eat; the bricks, steel and lumber we use for homebuilding; and the energy that supplies power for those homes. The nearly 80,000 shipments we handle annually equate to roughly 320,000 fewer trucks on local highways each year, lowering congestion and road maintenance costs while significantly reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.