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New Locomotives for SWP

In 2015, the Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad (SWP) expects to take delivery of five (5) SD40-2 locomotives and two tractive effort booster units (TEBU’s), in order to support significant traffic growth on the SWP.  The SD40-2s are rebuilt from SD40 carbodies, and will be refurbished and painted by National Railway Equipment, Co. (NREC) of Dixmoor, Ill.  Metro East Industries, Inc. (MEI) of St. Louis, Ill., will perform the TEBU conversions from existing GP carbodies, and equip two SWP GP40 locomotives with TEBU control equipment, resulting in two GP40-TEBU pairs.  The GP40-TEBU combination provides additional tractive effort as well as significant fuel savings. With the additional horsepower, Carload Express’s locomotive fleet will number 28 EMD locomotives.